I have loved animals my whole life, and for over 47 years have raised dogs of several varieties. German Shepherds and Chihuahuas are my favorite.  My son and I both have enjoyed the Dog Shows over the years, but nothing beats that unconditional love and snuggles from those you consider "family".  This page is dedicated to "our family" of dogs and puppies now and in the past. Many of our pictures were lost to hurricane Floyd.  If you have pictures of our past babies, we would love to have a copy please.   Thanks for looking.     Susan 

Below:  Candy (our English Bulldog) with cha-cha, mandy, peanut, scooter, dora, rocky and lucky lou
Down: ChaCha and my son kevin are ready for Christmas!
Chi-chi,  my favorite munchkin, is now retired after c-section complications!
Above: Lucky Lou  
Up: GIZMO  won his class at the Raleigh dog Show one year.
Above: Peanut, Sandi, & Blue Bell (peeking around Sandi) snuggle on my bed.
Above: The dogs were a great comfort to me while I was having my face reconstructed. 
I seldom sit down without getting a lap full of my babies, but you will never hear me complain!
Up: Pari at 4 months .. he is a Wolf Sable colored Pom.
Above: Pari  getting ready for a show
Above:  "Susie" and "Peri"  winning their class at the Raleigh, N.C. Show.  

Chi-Chi and Barron...the best of friends.    Barron died shortly after this photo was taken.   We miss him dearly.   We believe he was bitten by a snake.
Dakota at 18 mo. He was one of Barron & Tasha's  puppies.

Barron loved and protected all the little ones.   He was a Great friend.
Our English Bull Dogs... Mack and Candy
Right:  Mack was  a Super big guy
Left:  Candy is a real sweetie
Candy loves to snuggle with any one that will let her, and she loves her crunchie bones! She has had one liter so far.
   Two 'LAZY-BONES'  just chillin' out
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More pictures to come as we locate them.
Thanks much!