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(below)  8 mo. old DeeDee at Christmas.   After she found out they would roll nicely, I had to move the glass balls from the bottom of the tree!  My bed is her favorite napping place.
DeeDee and Kendal have grown up together.  They are best 'buds'.
Dee Dee Whelped 4/12/10  

Blue Bell 
 Sire:   Phareview Shadow of mojo hand
Dee Dee was bred on her 1st heat which is against everything I believe in.   DeeDee had her own plans, and produced a beautiful litter of 4....also totally on her own.  She free - whelped and was a Super mom.    Waiting to breed her again until we find out what she is going to do in the show ring.   Good luck DeeDee.
Baby Dee Dee was so sweet and so cute...she still is.
Dee Dee  christmas 2011