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  We have puppies in most sizes and price ranges, but our priority is finding good loving homes for our babies!
A special Thank You to all those that have encouraged and supported us over the years.   We currently have lots of new puppies.   For more information call  919-429-3596
All puppies sold are up to date on shotswormed several times, are health checked, and go to their forever homes with a 'Puppy Packet' which includes a Written Health Guarantee, their special 'toy' or 'item' with mom's scent, food, and vitamins. (Nutrical if needed)   Most of the puppies sold are 'PET' quality, and we require a  spay/neuter contract unless otherwise agreed.    We reserve the right to refuse the sale or placement of any dog or puppy. 
Rescue Dogs/Puppies 
It is not possible for us to Guarantee the Health or Condition of our rescued sweeties, as we, in many cases do not know the history of these dogs/puppies.  We do however update all their shots,  worm them several times, and check their health condition.  We try to make sure these special pets are in the best possible condition for their new homes.  

can you find little Layla?   
We give discounts for Military, Seniors and local   pick-up.  We have new puppies.  Some pictures available now.     
We are proud to introduce our puppies featured on the NIKON web site....   newest puppy Wallpaper!!  (not available)
5-20-20   updating.    I'm adding new puppies as quickly as possible.   They are so cute and adorable....ENJOY!!!  We have many new puppies ready to go soon. 
'MUFFIN' has a long Chocolate coat with white markings.  She is running small, and very cute.  She is very quiet and laid back.      DOB  3-15-20       $1,800.00
'FAITH' is a Dark Chocolate, long coat Female.  She is a fat little sweetie, cute and loves to snuggle.
DOB   3-15-20      $ 1,800.00
Jetta's tiny female 'HOPE'.   She is charting to be tiny, and very curious always wanting to see what is going on.   
DOB  3-15-20     $ 2,200.00
Jetta's little Female 'GRACE' has a short Mostly Fawn coat with white markings.   She is playful and energetic.
DOB  3-15-20      $2,200.00    
MANY MORE COMING!!  Including new updated pictures....   provided the internet will stay on!!
"Tiny Taco" is adorable with his short Fawn coat and white markings.    He is fun, energetic, and loves getting out to play with the bigger dogs.   DOB  3-15-20  $1,800.00
'CODY'  is an adorable little sweetheart.  His short black Tri coat with fawn and              white markings make him very special.  He is very laid back.                         DOB  3-15-20   $1,800.00
Tiny 'PEEWEE'  is a bundle of sugar.    He is super tiny with                  boundless energy and loves lots of attention.                       DOB  3-15-20  $1,800.00
S  O  L  D
S  O  L  D
S A L E   P E N D I N G
PESO  is a very darling little laid back baby.   
DOB  3-20-20    $ 1,800.00
Tiny 'MINDY"  is very lovable and laid back. She is a Fawn/ Sable with Black and White markings.  She loves to be held, and snuggled.   Her color is getting lighter as she gets older.   DOB   3-20-20   $ 2,000.00
          PIXIE is an adorable little girl.  Her coat is a long thick             Fawn/ sable coat with White and Black markings.  
  DOB  3-28-20   $2,200.00 
S  O  L  D
TEDDY is a long coat, White with Fawn, Sable and Black markings.    He is very laid back and soft as cotton.   He would rather cuddle up in a lap and spend his afternoon snuggling.
S O  L  D
​S  O  L  D
S  O  L   D
DOB   4-16-20  $ 1,400.00
'LITTLE FOOT' is a tiny Blue long coat male with White and tan markings.   He is very quiet and laid back.   More of his  personality will come out  as he grows.  DOB  4-9-20   $1,800.00

'TIDBIT' is a Cream colored, short coat Male.  He is very quiet             and curious.  He loves toys and loves attention.                  DOB 5-25-20 (Memorial day)  $ 1,800.00
"KARMA"  is a very sweet, very outgoing tiny girl.   Her long coat is a steel Blue with tan and white markings.  Karma loves everyone and would be perfect in a family setting.     DOB   4-9-20   $ 2,200.00. 

​'TILLY'  is Tiny, with a short Black coat with tan and white markings.  She is AMAZING with her curious nature and boundless energy.    She loves her toys, and loves to snuggle.    DOB  5-25-20   $ 2,400.00   FIRM.   
'Miley'  is one of the smallest babies I have had in a long time. 'Miley'  is one of the smallest babies I have had in a long time. Her short coat is black 'Miley'  is one of the smallest babies I have had in a long time.   She is still            fitting in a wine glass at 8 weeks old   She is spunky and fun.                  DOB  5-24-20     $ 2,800.00   firm