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 Located in Goldsboro, N.C.,  our kennel is 'Rosewood Kennel'.  We have over 50 years experience raising puppies for pets and show as well as rescuing unwanted or abused dogs and puppies.  


Home of the cutest Chihuahuas!!  (And some we just love anyway!)

     We acknowledge there is no such thing as a "TEA CUP" size in the canine world, but many use this term as a description when  trying to convey how small a puppy they are looking for, and breeders use it to describe how small puppies are or will be as adults.  In reality everyone is just saying "I want a REAL Chihuahua".   Most of the breeders I have spoken with use the term t-cup when they expect that the puppy will never exceed 4 lbs.  Keep in mind however, that it is impossible to predict exactly how large or small a puppy's size will be at maturity.  We use our best judgement and years of experience raising these same bloodlines.  Never, Never do we 'force' or underfeed our babies to keep them small...  that practice is CRUEL and Very unhealthy.   Our puppies will be the size God and their Genetics intent them to be.   

     To see our "FAMILY",  both past and present, just click on the "family photos" above.  Many of these dogs have gone to 'forever homes' or crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, but they are and will always be in our hearts and our family!  For purchase details, or questions about a certain puppy on our available puppy page, or getting a rescued darilng, you may contact us by phone or email at any time .  It is our belief that if we help you find the healthy, happy puppy you seek, many wonderful years will follow for you and your new "family member".

 ** WARNING **  Please be very careful when purchasing ANY small puppy.  Some breeders will call a sickly runt a "T-cup" and charge you more for it!  Be sure you buy from a reputable breeder.  Good breeders are proud of their puppies and should be willing to give you a written Health Guarantee, and references. Have your new baby Vet checked quickly for your and the puppy's protection. 

     If we do not have the puppy or dog you are looking for, we will be glad to refer you to other breeders we know and trust.

    Enjoy your new puppy!     God Bless                       Susan 

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Phone Number:   (919) - 429 - 3596           (Susan Davis)
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Have a Great Day !!
2 lb. "Lucky Lou"  my favorite long hair.  Born in my lap, in the car coming back from Florida after a hurricane. 
 Ally came having been very abused. She is so happy in her Great forever home....go ally!
Ruby(a rescue)
Looking for that Special Puppy to add to your family?

Go to  "Available Puppies"   and call   919-429-3596 for more information, and other puppies that will be available soon.   
Just a few of our past and present family  
We are proud to introduce our puppies featured on the NIKON web site.... newest Wallpaper!!
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copy and paste to see wallpapers.   Precious is the Featured puppy!!      
Precious is our sweetheart, as she is just that 'PRECIOUS'.    Not for Sale, but lots of fun pictures to see and share.